Tochni Tavern

Tochni Tavern

Tochni Tavern, our family-run restaurant, was founded in 1996 with a vision to bring unique and traditional tastes of Cyprus to your table, all with a focus on using locally-sourced ingredients. Tochni Tavern is situated on the peak of Tochni village. The outdoor dining area offers unique panoramic views of the valley below, stretching all the way to the sea.

Our Kitchen

With over 30 years of experience and a passion for good food, we have developed our menu with a focus on quality. Indulge in local specialities prepared fresh daily from locally sourced ingredients. Our menu selection ranges from traditional Cypriot dishes and fresh homemade pasta to vegetarian and vegan options.

Feel the taste of Cyprus

Cyprus boasts a rich and diverse cuisine influenced by its Greek and Middle Eastern heritage. The island’s cuisine relies heavily on fresh herbs and vegetables, olive oil, and locally sourced meats and seafood, making it a healthy and flavourful culinary experience.

Fresh, local, seasonal

We pride ourselves on using fresh, locally-sourced, and seasonal produce in our dishes. We believe in supporting local farmers and small-scale producers while offering their customers the best quality ingredients available. Our menu changes frequently to reflect the changing seasons, ensuring that diners can enjoy the freshest and most flavourful dishes possible.