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What Tochni Has to Offer

Cyprus is a stunning place to visit but there are some hidden gems that deserve to be seen. Tochni village is a thing of beauty with beautiful views and picturesque lanes that you could spend hours walking around. So what else is there to do here. Here are 6 adventures you can have in Tochni.



Tochni is recognised for its cycling due to the vast amount of things to see. Cyprus Village has a spectacular route for guests that takes you through some wonderful and historical places such as Choriokotia which is known for its Neolithic ruins.

If you are wanting to go about more mountainous, Tochni Village has electric mountain bikes to hire. There are many places and view points you can go with mountain bikes around the village so whether it be a cycle holiday of an activity to pass the time, Tochni has a lot to offer.



There is a lot of history around Tochni, and so lots to see. The Neolithic Ruins, mentioned earlier, has an amazing rating. Google reviews gives them a 4.3-star rating given by 598 people. Other historical foundations include archaeological site around 10 minutes from Tochni and Cyprus museums.


Nature Trails

The Tochni ‘Exploring Nature’ trail starts on the southeast of the village and follows an ancient path that was constructed by people in neighbouring villages on Zigi and Maroni. The circular route will take you on a 2.8km walk and will take you about 30-40 minutes. This trail allows you to see beautiful panoramic views and stunning wild flowers with stops at the Church of Ayios Constantinos and the ecclesiastical Museum.



A lot of people travel from all around the world to come to Tochni on a Yoga retreat. Cyprus Villages offers twice daily yoga sessions including traditional Hatha, dynamic flow, power and yin. Our yoga instructor has come from England to teach and develop our guests in finding relaxation, mindfulness, guided meditations. She has fantastic reviews from our previous guests, check them out here.


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