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Scuba Diving Cyprus

Many people don’t know that Cyprus is an amazing place to explore the seas, with many ancient and modern wrecks to see. With the water temperature around 20°C (68°F) and the crystal clear waters, why wouldn’t you want to explore what the depths of Cyprus has to offer.

Here are some great spots to check out.


Zenobia Ferry Wreck

40 minute drive from Tochni

Located in the Larnaca bay, this former Swedish ferry sank in 1980, This is the most popular wreck in Cyprus. With more than 100 trucks that were on board the ferry which are still chained to the deck which makes this truly a sight to behold. The entirety of the boat is now irrupting with life which makes this an even bigger spectacle. With a depth of 17m to 42m this is a place for everyone to visit.


HMS Cricket Shipwreck

40 minute drive from Tochni

The HMS cricket was a warship from World War II what sank in 1947. It is located off the coast of Larnaca just out of the Larnaca Bay. This is a deep wreck dive at 32m in which you will have to go under the boat to see the gun turrets as the ship is upside down. With great visibility, this is a spot to defiantly check out.


Ancient shipwreck of Mazotos

23 minute drive from Tochni

In the 4th Century BC a merchant ship sank to the depth of 44 metres. The ship was carrying the famous red wine of Chios in clay amphorae. 5 hundred jugs have been counted so far but there are many more buried under the sand. Its an amazing site to see! All of the findings are displayed in the Archaelogical museum in Larnaca.


Cape Greco Caves Protaras

1 hour and 20 minutes from Tochni

The Cape Greco Caves are located on the very east of the island but are worth going to have a look inside the beautiful sea caves. Inside you will find a series of caves and tunnels as well as a budding environment for sea life such as octopuses, morays, turtles and even rays.


Its safe to say that Cyprus has a lot to offer to the Scuba divers of the world!

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