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Golden Donkey Farm

12 Minute drive from Tochni holiday apartments

Located in Skarinou village

This fantastic attraction is located 10km from Tochni and is home to 170 donkeys. The sanctuary is helping preserve a Cyprian tradition. The friendly and industrial animal is a huge part of the Cyprian heritage as it was the main mode of transport on the island for centuries. These crucial animals used to carry the food and wine for miles on end, and even helped make olive oil by turning the millstones.

Golden donkey Farm is the biggest of its kind in Cyprus and potentially one of the largest in Europe. A lot of the donkeys are female in order to produce milk. Donkey milk is gaining momentum in the recent years as it has a lot of great health and beauty benefits. The content of vitamin C is 60 times greater than cows milk and a much lower fat content. Donkey milk is great for anti ageing and rejuvenating the skin. It is said that Cleopatra, the queen of ancient Egypt, had daily baths in donkey’s milk in order to preserve her skin. She had 500 donkeys in order to have enough milk for her baths every day.


So what is there to do at the Golden Donkey Farm?

There are many things to see and do such as donkey safari, a botanical garden and even a wax museum. Their cosy restaurant serves traditional Cyprian food with great tasting wines. In their souvenir shop, you can get your hands on donkey milk products such as face cream, shampoo, and even donkey milk chocolate. There are many other attractions on the farm such as one of the oldest olive trees in Cyprus, the amphitheatre and much more. You can even ride a camel!

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