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The Great Spectacle

While the rainy season brings colder weather for Cyprus, it also brings in a huge amount of migrating birds which is perfect for nature lovers. One of the most popular occasions over this migration is the flocking of the flamingos. They tend to migrate to the Larnaca Salt Lakes on the south-east of the island.

Larnaca Salt Lake is the second largest salt-lake in Cyprus which covers 2.2 square kilometres. It is located southwest of Larnaca, close to the small villages of Meneou and Dromolaxia. The salt lake is locally know as ‘Alyki’.

Once the rainy season starts and the lakes fill up with water, it is estimated that over 20,000 flamingos stay here for a period, depending on the conditions. It is a great spectacle for nature lovers to see!

The best time to see this wonder of nature is between the months of November and March. With the lakes being only half an hour in a car from Cyrpus Villages Holiday Apartments and with such great attractions around here, why wouldn’t you!


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