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Cyprus Wineries

Cyprus is the home for great food and drink. Traditional dishes and cyprian specific wines makes this a place to visit. Get engulfed into the culture by exploring Cyprus with your pallet. See how halloumi is made and wonder around the vineyards tasting what Cyprus has to offer. Cyprus Villages can offer experiences that can truly show you the traditional cuisine. Here are some wineries that are close to your holiday apartments!


Dafermou Winery

20 minutes from Tochni holiday apartments

High in the hills of Lefkara is a beautiful state of the art winery that offers a fantastic experience for wine lovers. The winery is the first of its kind in Cyprus, which was designed and built within the innovative bioclimatic standards. With new technology and the art of wine making combined creates the perfect wine. This modern facility complements the selection of specific grapes which keeps the quality and consistency of the fermentation process.

With a stroll through the vineyards seeing the varieties of grapes that are used, followed by being introduced to the techniques and processes in which the wine is made. And of course a tasting of the award winning fine wine that is produced here, in the luxury wine tasting rooms. Whether you are a red, rose, or white wine drinker, they have you covered! A fantastic day out that wine lovers will enjoy.


Ktima Christoudia Winery

20 minutes from Tochni holiday apartments

This beautifully placed winery is surrounded by its own vineyards. With beautiful views and even better wine this is a place you should visit. The winery is a perfect combination of traditional and modern styles with a whole production line, wine cellar, bottling area and tasting rooms. The winery has now reached a production level of a massive 80,000 bottles per year.

When you visit the winery you will have a short tour of the vineyard, seeing all of the Cyprian grape varieties. You will then have the opportunity to see the production line which shows the whole process from the pneumatic press to the fermentation tanks themselves. Next you will see the wine cellar where the wine is placed in French oak barrels for them to mature and age at the right temperature. Finally, you will be able to taste some of the many wines that Ktima Christoudia Winery has to offer!


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