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Cycling in Tochni

Cyprus is one of a select few countries where you can be sunbathing on the beach in the morning and skiing in the mountains in the afternoon. This is why Cyprus is a huge hit with cyclists from around the globe. The perfect weather conditions combined with changing terrain makes Cyprus the perfect place for a cycling tour all year round.

Whether it is mountain biking or road cycling, Tochni has a lot to offer. Here are some of the best cycling routes around Tochni.


Mountain biking with a view.

This 33.69 km route starts in Tochni and takes you through many different terrains. With incredible views and destinations such as the Kalavasos Reservoir, it is a stunning route to see what the country side has to offer. Cyprus Villages has electric bikes you can rent that can take you over the terrain with minimal effort required.

Road biking

Tochni is located 7km from the beach and 70km from the mountain range where in the winter you can go skiing. The roads between the two spots vary in elevation and terrain which makes for a good ride. With many places to stop off, this is a great route for advanced cyclists.


Cyprus Villages offers a great package holiday for cyclists, even with bike rental, so why not have a look what we can offer you!

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