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Archaeological sites in Cyprus

Chirokitia Neolithic Village

Chirokitia is an archaeological site on the island of Cyprus dating from the Neolithic age. It has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1998. The site is known as one of the most important and best preserved prehistoric sites of the eastern Mediterranean.

Driving Distance: 5 minutes

Chirokitia Neolithic village
Recreation of Neolithic houses


Limassol Castle

The medieval Limassol Castle is situated near the old harbour in the heart of the historical centre of the city of Limassol. The castle as it appears today is a structure rebuilt circa 1590 under the period of Ottoman rule.

Driving Distance: 30 Minutes

Limassol Castle
Limassol Castle


Museum of Cyprus

The Cyprus Museum is the oldest and largest archaeological museum in Cyprus. The museum houses artefacts discovered during numerous excavations on the island. It is located in the capital Nicosia.

Driving Distance: 40 Minutes

Museum of Cyprus
Museum of Cyprus


Tombs Of Kings

The Tombs of the Kings is a large necropolis lying about two kilometres north of Paphos harbour in Cyprus. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Driving Distance: 45 Minutes

Tomb of the kings
Tomb of the kings

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