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Discover things to do in Cyprus

Discover what our are has to offer, from sports for active adventurers to culinary experiences. For more information and prebooking, get in touch with us!


Embark on thrilling adventures in Cyprus, where you can explore rugged mountain trails on exhilarating hikes, pedal through picturesque landscapes on scenic cycling routes, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of nature at every turn.

Cyprus offers some fantastic biking routes. We offer rentals of road bikes, mountain bike or even e-bikes in collaboration with Matthias bike corner.

The island offers a wide variety of hiking trails, each with its own unique charm. For more information, visit our guide on the best hikes.


Rent a boat or go fishing

We can advise you on some great location to rent a boat, or arrange to join a fisherman for the day. Just come by our reception for more info! 

Cyprus is well known for its crystal clear waters, clean beaches and long swimming season. Discover our guide on our favourite beaches here


Indulge in Cyprus’s culinary delights through immersive experiences like cooking classes and olive oil making. Delve into the island’s rich gastronomic heritage, learning traditional recipes passed down through generations, and discover the art of producing exquisite olive oil from locally grown olives, all while savoring the authentic flavors of Cyprus.

Cyprus boasts a plethora of wineries offering tours and tastings. Discover more on our guide on Cyprus wines here.


Olive oil making

Join a local olive oil producer and see how the olives get pressed into green liquid gold and try it fresh out of the press. 


Cooking classes

Learn how local ingredients are transformed into delicious treats, and of course try them all afterwards. 

Halloumi making Cyprus

Halloumi making workshops

Participate in the making of traditional halloumi cheese with a local farmer. Book directly with u at the reception. 


Immerse yourself in Cyprus’s vibrant culture through enriching experiences like museum visits and traditional activities. Explore the island’s rich heritage at captivating museums, where artifacts and exhibits showcase its diverse history. Engage in traditional activities such as pottery workshops and village festivals, where you can witness the time-honored customs and crafts that define Cypriot culture.

cyprus pottery


Discover the art of pottery in Cyprus, blending tradition and innovation. Unleash your creativity in classes surrounded by stunning landscapes and expert guidance. For more info and booking, please visit our reception.

In Choirokitia, discover a restored 1850s traditional house transformed into a Basket Weaving Workshop and Museum. Witness the art of crafting unique reed ‘pokalami’ and ‘sklinitza’ exhibits by Mr. Petros Nikolaou, the soul of this charming place.

Cyprus’ rich history is waiting to be discovered through its museums archaeological sites and other historical attractions.
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Scattered around the island are many traditional villages, each with their own charm. Step back in time, and meet friendly locals. 

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