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Cyprus, a cyclist's paradise

Cyprus is a fantastic place to go riding for a variety of reasons. A large variety of cycling terrain can be found on the island because of its rich and varied topography, which includes a combination of mountains, rolling hills, and coastal plains.

Cycling may be enjoyed all year round because to the Mediterranean environment, which has warm winters and hot, dry summers.

There are plenty of well-maintained cycling routes and trails, including both road and mountain riding paths, to explore on the island in addition to its natural beauty. There is something for cyclists of all skill levels on these trails, which range from simple, picturesque routes to difficult, technical tracks.

Tochni and Kalavasos are popular among cyclists for being located central among many routes, whether your are a beginner or advanced rider.

With perfect weather conditions, varied and challenging terrain and beautiful scenery, it is no wonder that Cyprus is rapidly growing as a destination for leisurely and competitive cycling all year ­round.

Enthusiasts love the island’s rugged character, which can go from rocky to clay, and steep to flat, all within the space of 10km. And whilst you will enjoy the feel of the balmy Mediterranean breeze, unlike other destinations, the island’s wonderful climate lacks strong headwinds, the ideal setting for exploration by bike!


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Cyprus Cycling holidays

Road Bike

Combine cycling with Cyprus culture and tradition. Discover the local area and villages, ride under excellent weather conditions, along varied stunning routes, with top quality bikes to rent.


Mountain Bike

Explore the myriad of mountain biking routes that Cyprus has to offer. The roads ahead unfold across scenic urban, rural, mountainous and coastal terrain, with plenty to discover.

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E-Bikes are a perfect way to pedal effortlessly through the countryside and enjoy the sunny weather and beautiful landscapes.

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Guided Tours

Get the most out of your cycling holiday and explore Cyprus with our expert guides. Guiding is subject to availability



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