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Discover the heart and soul of cyprus






At Cyprus Villages you have the unique opportunity to live in a traditional stone-built village home.  Stroll along the narrow cobbled paths to the village square, have a coffee with the locals and settle into an easy-going Mediterranean lifestyle that respects and nurtures timeless traditions. Before you know it, you'll feel part of the local community, enjoying the generous Cypriot hospitality that can be summed up in a single word: "kopiaste" meaning "come and join us!" 

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Our Apartments

Our holiday apartments have been beautifully restored in a traditional style while providing modern comforts, original character and individuality. We are located away from commercial mass tourism but centrally located on the island, perfect for discovering all authentic parts of Cyprus. Our guests can fully relax and enjoy their time off from their hectic routine, in the countryside and on the nearby beaches.

Experience the true Cyprus and its ancient culture, taste traditional local cuisine, unwind and relax in the serenity that the
Cypriot countryside offers

Activities And Local Attractions

Cyprus and its rich history offers plenty of things to explore and experience.

Below you will find a few recommendations of activities and places we believe you will love. 

Tochni tavern

Tochni Tavern

Tochni Tavern, our family-run restaurant is situated on the peak of the village next to the reception area. The outdoor dining area offers a unique panoramic views of the valley below, stretching all the way to the sea.

Indulge in local specialities prepared fresh daily from locally sourced ingredients. Our menu selection ranges from traditional Cypriot dishes and fresh homemade pasta to vegetarian and vegan options. 

Discover what Cyprus has to offer

Friendly and hospitable people - Nothing compares to the Cypriot hospitality, where you will instantly feel welcomed and as part of the community. 

The food - Cyprus' location means its food culture is influenced by a blend of Mediterranean cuisines. Make sure you try all the local specialities. 

Rich history and culture - With civilisations reaching as far back as 10,000 years, Cyprus has a lot of history and culture to discover. Makes sure you pay a visit to the multiple museums and archaeological sites.

Unspoiled nature - Cyprus is renowned for its beautiful beaches and natural beauty ranging all the way to the highest peaks of Troodos mountains.