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"On horse back exploring the beauty of Cyprus!"


Juan – The Gigolo
This elegant Part Arab is great for the experienced rider. He is forward going but easy to handle with stunning gaitsand a gentle character. He knows he is beautiful!

Presto – The Clown
Presto, a Part Arab likes the happy, gentle rider with whom he likes to share his good mood. He is easy to handle for the intermediate rider and has a very sweet nature.

Montana – The horse with personality
His stable is his castle. This Arab/Quarter Horse doesn’t need a lot of fuss or cuddles, he’d rather go out for a nice hack and enjoys the intermediate rider after whom he likes to look after.

Jogger Boy – The Senior
Even when he raced at the racetrack, Jogger Boy was notonly a great champion, he was also famous for his excellent character and his “desire” of drinking 7-up. When he retired from the racetrack at the age of seven,he was the horse that explored with us the country sideto find all the beautiful trails. Now, at the age of 24 he still enjoys a good canter!

Cheyenne – The Baby
This Appaloosa mare has the sweetest face and eyes,she just looks like a baby – even at the age of 11. She is suitable for lightweights and youngsters as she is an elegant lady. Soon, she will be a mother.

Dakota – The Well-Balanced
This Part Arab mare likes to please everyone.Extremely sure footed she will take you anywhereand ensure you a pleasant trail.

Shana – The Mother
Shana, a purebred Arab mare is the perfect mother. She loves her foal and is gentle and caring which also reflects on her behaviour towards people. She loves hacking out and is a great school horse.

Sameer – The baby for ever
Even though Sameer is 2 years old now, he will always beour baby as he was only ten days old when he came toDrapia Farm with his mother Shana. He is in training now (sometimes the question is, who is training who…) and one day he will take careof our young.

Milly – The small horse
Milly is the ideal horse in Pony-size! She has such a sweetnature and this makes her a perfect partner for children and teenagers. She loves to be groomed and cuddled.

Teddy – The Softie
Teddy, an English Thoroughbred, has been rescued andwas very skinny and sad when he first came to Drapia Farm. After all the good care he turned out to be a real sweetheart!He loves to please the rider and is an excellent horsefor lessons.

Children up to 12 years old will be provided with a body protector and all riders will be provided with riding hats (free of charge).

Junior farm
Pot bellied pigs
Our little herd of swine’s are our real attraction. Together with donkey lady Jenny they enjoy the daily luxury of free access of the whole farm.

Donkey Jenny
Donkey lady Jenny is always looking forward to children visiting. She never says no to a little walk!


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