Can I have a legal wedding ceremony in any venue of my choice in Cyprus?

Civil Ceremonies in Cyprus take place in the Town Hall on specific days of the week and hours. Weddings in Greek Orthodox Churches cannot take place on Wednesdays & Fridays or during fasting periods. In addition a Greek Orthodox wedding can only take place either when both spouses are baptisized Greek Orthodox or at least one of the two is and the other is a Christian. Symbolic ceremonies can be held at a privately owned location of your choice.

Where is the nearest Town Hall from Cyprus Villages?

The nearest Town Hall for Civil Ceremonies is Lefkara Town Hall.

Lefkara village is the perfect place to hold your wedding. Imagine exchanging your wedding vows in this traditional and serene village which is one of traditional villages of Cyprus. The locals are proud of their village, and they preserve the local character both in the architecture and in their way of life.

The marriage ceremony is officiated by the Mayor or an authorized member of the civil Council of the Municipality of Lefkara at the town hall which is an old, traditional house.

The Municipality of Lefkara offers the perfect venue to declare your love and life-long commitment to each other.


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